Research Area


Biotechnology section of PBRI is engaged in providing evidences for cellular and molceular biology based mechanims for the proposed biological activity of chemicals and matrix preperation from synthetic or natural origins.


Investigations conducted by the biotechnology team are as follows:

  • Cytogenetics: investigation of chemoprotective activity utilizing chromosomal aberration and micronucleus assay
  • Animal cell culture: In vitro cytotoxicity and antiproliferative effect on various cell lines (e.g. B16F10, MDA-MB, MCF, 13762NF etc.)
  • Molecular biology: Imact on gene expression (e.g. H-Ras gene expression in skin cancer)
  • Enzymology: Quantitative and qualitative estimation of various enzymes involved in vital biochemical reactions (e.g. SOD, LPO, Catalase, GSH etc.)
  • ELISA based investigation for critical biochemical mediators (e.g. Iinterleukins, TNF, C-reactive protein etc.)

  • Nano-technology: Preparation, characterization and biological/toxicological investigation of nanoparticles