PBRI provides services in following areas to establish efficacy of any of the component. Detailed investigation is conducted and raw data, summary of data, interpretation and conclusion is provided. Research protocols can be customized as per the need of any specific investigations.

Area(s) in which PBRI caters services for biological activities are as follows:

  • Neurological disorders: 

Anxiety, Depression, Parkinson, Alzheimer, Epilepsy


  •  Cancer:

Skin cancer, Liver cancer, Lung Cancer, Mammary cancer


  •  Inflammation:

Chronic inflammation, Acute inflammation, Arthritis


  •  Immunology

Phagocytosis, Cellular Immunity, Humoral immunity


  •  Metabolic disorders

Diabetes, Hyperlipedemia, Gastric ulcer, Hepatic disorder, Kidney disorder, Oxidative stress, Urolitihasis