Scientific Writing

Product Safety

With a team of competent and qualified toxicologist and research analyst, we provide services for chemical and product safety. Services can be customized as per the request, however, few of the previously completed projects includes following areas:


  • Literature search and scrutiny of most relevant information 
  • Human Health Hazard Assessment based on specific toxicity endpoints 
  • Analysis of data gap for specific toxicity endpoints 
  • Application of QSAR, read-across, and other in-silico tool to address data gap 
  • Safety assessment of matrix components (e.g. botanical extracts) 
  • Human Health Hazard Evaluation (HHE)
  • Human health Risk Assessment 
  • Development of documents like, Robust Study Summaries (RSS), Product Safety Data Sheet (PSDS),Globally Harmonized System (GHS)  classification etc. 
  • Estimation of safe dose level for humans [e.g. Permissible Daily Exposure (PDE), Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI), Reference dose (RfD), Occupation Exposure Limit (OEL) etc.]