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A core team of PBRI is engaged in nurturing new generation in the field of research. As a step toward this input, a separate academic incubator program was established by the team. PBRI provide separate facilities for research scholars (i.e. Ph.D. and PG students). Research scholars are provided direct exposure to ongoing industrial projects and investigations. A separate section for training/internship is also functional. Research/training students can select their area of interest and accordingly the experienced team of PBRI helps them to design and commence the work. Details of program and area of research can be downloaded from the lin provided below.


A dedicated team for academic research was established, so that:

  • Academic researchers can include those protocols in their research that require separate establishment, sophisticated instruments and dedicated expert team for guidance
  • To understand the key components during tenure and help to reap future aspirations
  • Scholars can select any of the areas of PBRI services for their research/training work
  • To provide hand-on experience on instrument and techniques


Following academic incubator programs are functional in PBRI (Download registration form)


 Training/Internship: (Download Brochure)

  • 1-Week training
  • 2-Week training
  • 1-Month training/internship

 Dissertation/Project: (Download Brochure)

  • 3-Month
  • 6-Month
  • 1-Year

 PhD research work (Download Brochure)

 Specific research protocol (Download Details)

 Assistance in scientific writing